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Media and Communications Programs

Italian Cinema, Storytelling and Film

Milan / Italy

This program explores 2 courses in the space of 4 weeks. You will first delve into Creative Italian Story Telling: [...]

"...I loved the immersive experience of living in the country while studying Italian films, stories, and through that, Italian history, culture and politics..."

Alumni Profile: Jade Cornish (Italian Cinema, Storytelling and Film)

Discipline(s): , , ,

Starts on Monday, 3 July 2017

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Media and Communication for the Fashion Industry

Florence, Italy

This January course allows students a unique perspective on the Italian fashion industry and the role of fashion week and [...]

"This program allowed me to work with industry professionals and attend events that enabled me to give further insight into the fashion industry first hand"

Ruby Woodward, University of Adelaide

Discipline(s): ,

Starts on Monday, 9 January 2017

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Fashion Events and Public Relations

European Institute of Design / Florence, Italy

AIM Overseas is thrilled to introduce this cutting edge program that is a must for anyone who is interested in [...]

"I loved being taught by professors who were so welcoming and passionate about what they were teaching ,to getting to live in such a breathtaking place where there was always something new to discover"

Alumni Profile: Daniela Panetta (Fashion Events and Public Relations)

Discipline(s): , ,

Starts on Saturday, 24 June 2017

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Oxford Creative Writing Summer School

Oxford University / UK

Suitable for both intermediate and advanced writers, the Creative Writing Summer School is a three week long course designed to [...]

"The highlight of my experience was everything else that came with the program. It was the people I met, the independent lifestyle, and the complete change of culture"

Alumni Profile: Kayla Paradiso (Oxford Creative Writing Summer School)

Discipline(s): , , ,

Starts on Monday, 24 July 2017

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Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing

East Lansing / USA

The Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing program runs at Michigan State University and is taught by the Department [...]

"This experience changed me, as I came back much more confident in my ability to face challenges. I faced many fears on my exchange, such as my fear of heights when I went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or my fear of flying through my many plane rides, and I am now much more confident in my choices and willing to face my fears head-on. And I would definitely do it all over again!"

Alumni Profile: Elise Macoustra (New Media for Business and Digital Marketing)

Discipline(s): , , ,

Starts on Sunday, 2 July 2017

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